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Competitive Offroad Race Series:

A long time ago some NASCAR guys wanted a way to race on the off season, the guys were Dave Littau and Jody Hickman. Dave along with numerous SXS enthusiast created a SXS race series that came to be called C.O.R.S.


Competitive Offroad Racing Series Logo
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If you have a need for speed and a love for dirt this is the series for you. CORS is a group of SXS enthusiast with all types of machines. Stock to modified, pro drivers to kids, this race series has a place for each and every racer.  


The off road series runs in Union Point, GA at Durhamtown Offroad Park. CORS has 6 races a year, we normally take the summer off due to the heat in the south.

Competition consist of a 12 lap day race on the GP SXS track and a 2 hour endurance night race. You can in one or both in the race series.


The day race/short track race is run on the GP SXS track. There are 5 classes that make the short race format: Pro Modified, Pro, Amateur Modified, Amateur. In addition to Kids Rookie Modified and Kids Rookie Stock. 

Each class, except Kids Mod/Stock, starts with practice/qualifying 5 minutes then a 12 lap featured race with competition caution after 6 laps. Awards follow about 1 hour after final race is done. Kids Rookie Mod/Stock run 1 parade lap immediately followed by a 6 lap feature race with a competition caution after lap 3. 

Night race/Endurance race is ran thru the woods trails all marked and closed off just for the CORS series. Classes for the night/Endurance race are Pro Modified, Amateur Modified, Pro and  Amateur. No kids class for this endurance race. Drivers Under the age of 16 must have a co-pilot. There is a parade lap thru the woods course after the drivers meeting then a line up of all machines for the start of the race. SXS's are started at 15 second intervals in pit row. The race last 2 hours and the driver with the most laps and fastest average lap time wins. 


There are winners in each CORS class at every CORS race: first, second and third with a podium for pictures! In addition there are points earned for every placing down to the last driver. The points are accumulated thru the entire CORS race year. The higher you place the more CORS points you are awarded. The more CORS races you enter the more points a driver can receive. CORS awards each race series winners a big ol' Championship trophies at the race in November! 

What people are saying about CORS

 "CORS is an awesome race series that has allowed me to enjoy good, clean competition. Can't wait to see what this series brings in 2020." -Tommy Clark, Lunatic Racing

"Hanging out with fellow racers, making new buddies and talking the ins and outs of racing is always a good time at CORS." -Mike Herring, Lunatic Racing Team